Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recent Changes in Mail Count Regulations of Special Interest

1. DPS for a Closed School or Business: Credit for DPS closed school or business letter mail, whether cased or taken to the street will be credited in the following manner:
a. Credit will be given in Column A, Letters, for each piece when there are seven pieces or less
b. Credit will be given in Column D, Parcels, for one parcel when there are eight pieces or more
c. These mail pieces will not be deducted from Column L, DPS mail.

2. Form 3982-R Rural Boxholder Nondelivery Request: Time will be credited during the mail count in the following manner:
a. One markup in Column J for transcribing information on PS Form 3982-R or annotating or discarding the form when receiving a reinstatement of delivery.
b. One piece in Column A for casing Form 3982-R
c. One piece in Column N, Letters and Flats Collected, for bringing PS Form 3982-R back from the route.

3. Change of Address (COA) Procedure: The time allowance for Changes of Address (COAs) will be 15 seconds for each PS Form 3982 (yellow) label received during the count period and recorded in Column R. If the carrier is required to perform any additional duties of completing the following forms and/or writing on Form 3982 label, the credit will be two (2) minutes.
• PS Form 3575, Change of Address
• PS Form 3575-WWW, Internet Change of Address
• PS Form 3575-Z Employee generated Change of Address
• PS Form 3546 Official Change/Correction to Mail Forwarding Change of Address

4. Markups: The time allowance for markups will be 15 seconds per markup. The only individual markups will be
b)No Record Mail (CFS returns),
c)transcribing information to PS Form 3982-R and
d)others required by management

5. Carrier Pick-up Packages picked up only through the carrier pick-up Web application will receive 90 seconds for each carrier pick-up request completed and nine seconds for each Express Mail, Priority Mail and International Mail item collected with the pickup request and recorded in Column R. Prepaid ordinary and insured parcels and letters or flats collected in conjunction with the carrier pick-up items are recorded in columns N or O, as appropriate.

6. Mail History Tracking System (MHTS): Actual time to locate and remove errors from DPS associated with the Mail History Tracking System process is included in riffling time and credited in Column R

7. Do Not Bend/Do Not Fold: Non-rigid items endorsed Do Not Bend or Do Not Fold will NOT be credited as parcels unless they have been properly prepared in accordance with DMM (prepared with a stiffener) or unless the item would be damaged when casing with other mail.

8. Fletters: Letters (6 1/8" and under) processed on automated flat machines and found in automation processed flat tubs will be credited only in Column A, Letters per arbitration decision QOOR-4Q-C 030089889

NOTE: Results of mail count will be effective April 26, 2008

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